Pennsylvania American Water making $19.3M in sewer line upgrades

Nov. 8, 2023
The City of Scranton and Dunmore Borough are receiving sewer line upgrades from Pennsylvania American Water, using a combination of pipe replacements and slip-lining rehabilitation.

Pennsylvania American Water announced in a press release that it is performing sewer line upgrades along more than 50 streets in the city of Scranton and Dunmore Borough.

The upgrades, which the American Water subsidiary began in the spring, will cost approximately $19.3 million. Work includes replacing and rehabilitating more than 50,000 feet of sewer pipe in the collection system.

“Our upgrade projects are a combination of replacing pipe in some areas along with rehabilitating pipe through slip-lining in other areas,” said Jeremy Hull, wastewater operations manager for Pennsylvania American Water. “Slip-lining pipe restores the pipe to like-new condition and adds another 50-75 years of useful life to the pipe.”

Pennsylvania American Water said that final restoration and paving on all streets is ongoing, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.