Talking Under Water Episode 74: Challenges & solutions for small systems

Aug. 18, 2023
In this episode, the hosts share recent industry news along with an interview dissecting small systems trends with Brent Bridges, senior principal at Woodard & Curran.

In this episode of Talking Under Water, the hosts share recent industry news, including the announcement of $50 million in grant funding that is available through the Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse Municipal Grant program; a recent study that found that the Colorado River Basin lost more than 40 trillion liters between 2000 and 2021; and an announcement from The Department of the Interior, which is opening three funding opportunities for resilient water supplies, cooperative watershed management and aquatic ecosystem protection. Additionally, the hosts share an interview with Brent Bridges, senior principal for Woodard & Curran. Bridges discusses small systems trends, challenges, how AI and future funding may change the landscape of the industry, and more.  

 Show Notes:  


  • Cold open | 0:00
  • Host introductions and episode summary | 1:02
  • News | 2:03
  • Interview begins | 7:12
  • How small systems trends differ by region | 7:50
  • Resource constraints for small systems | 8:33
  • Best practices for grease handling in collection systems | 9:56
  • Is grease a trending problem? | 11:07
  • What is flushable? | 12:13
  • Federal funding for water and wastewater small systems | 12:37
  • Workforce challenges for small systems | 13:51
  • AI for small water and wastewater systems | 15:19
  • Real world case studies | 17:06
  • How to plan small systems projects | 18:49
  • Storm intensity creates many challenges for smaller utilities | 21:02
  • Stormwater infrastructure is gravely needed | 22:46
  • Stormwater is on equal par to water and wastewater needs | 23:33
  • Final interview thoughts | 24:06
  • Housekeeping | 25:17


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