Nearly 35 Million Gal of Wastewater Flows Into the Susquehanna River

Aug. 20, 2018

The discharge occurred over four days and is attributed to heavy rains and construction at the wastewater treatment plant

The Binghamton, N.Y., wastewater treatment plant, joint-owned by the village of Johnson City, N.Y., discharged approximately 34,976,300 gal of untreated wastewater and storm water runoff into the Susquehanna River. The discharge began Aug. 13 and lasted for almost 103 hours, more than four days. A public safety alert issued by New York officials said the discharge was caused by heavy rain, construction at the wastewater treatment plant and flood conditions.

The discharge came from a combined sewer overflow which collects a combinations of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and storm water runoff, as reported by the Times Leader. However, due to the high level of rain, the river is expected to feel little of the impact from the discharge.

“Due to the heavy rains in the area, there are not likely to be any impacts from the discharge into the Susquehanna River,” said Colleen Connolly, community relations coordinator for the Northeast office of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

The river crested at 28.77 ft Aug. 15, and was lowered to 11.5 ft by the afternoon of Aug. 17.