Xylem Facilities, Pumps Meet DOE Targets

April 25, 2017
Bell & Gossett brand meets requirements three years early

Xylem Inc. brand Bell & Gossett announces its e-Series line of products achieves and exceeds efficiency targets for clean-water pumps set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more than three years in advance of the 2020 compliance date. In addition, Xylem’s pump test laboratories in Morton Grove, Ill., and Seneca Falls, N.Y., have been approved through the Hydraulic Institute Pump Test Lab Program, another important aspect of compliance with the federal regulations.

“The Hydraulic Institute certification of our Xylem facilities validates our work in developing highly efficient products and solutions for both the commercial and residential markets,” said Chris Johnson, director of new product development and engineering, Xylem Inc. “Xylem, through its Bell & Gossett brand, is the only U.S. manufacturer that meets and exceeds the DOE efficiency benchmark, which further strengthens our stance as industry leaders.”

The Energy Conservation Standard for Pumps and the companion Test Procedures for Pumps took effect this spring, putting into place the first-ever regulations for commercial and industrial pumps. By Jan. 27, 2020, all new pumps distributed in commerce in the U.S. must comply with the rules. 

“The goal of the new efficiency rules is to reduce the overall demand for energy in the U.S. The pumps in our e-Series line for HVAC and plumbing applications are designed with cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics technology, which produces dramatic improvements in efficiency,” Johnson said. “These highly efficient pumps not only use less energy, they contribute to increased system performance and lower life cycle costs.”

Pump test lab certification through the Hydraulic Institute ensures adherence to pump testing protocols outlined by the DOE as well as international accreditation standards for test measurement equipment. “The HI lab approval verifies our test measurement equipment and procedures meet DOE standards and demonstrates to the industry our pumps are the most efficient on the market,” Johnson said.

For more information about Bell & Gossett’s e-Series products, visit http://bellgossett.com.

Source: Xylem Inc.


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