Stenner Pump Co. Celebrates 60 Years

March 8, 2017
Manufacturer credits relationship with customers for its success

The Stenner Pump Co. marked its 60th year as a manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps for the water industry.

The company has evolved dramatically since 1957, when it was originally founded by Gustav Stenner. Privately owned by Tim Ware since 1995, Tim joined the company with a vision and has driven the company to expand its product line and market reach. The growth has resulted in four locations in Florida, Kansas and New York.

The “Inspired by Our Customers” anniversary logo credits Stenner’s relationship with its customers. Stenner’s philosophy is to maintain a total commitment to customer satisfaction while manufacturing high-quality reliable products. Of course, loyal and dedicated employees are a huge contributing factor to success. Thirty-one percent of its employees have been with the company more than 10 years and 49% of the company is employee owned. 

Source: Stenner Pump Co.