California City Reduced Water Use by 23% With Sensus Technology

July 1, 2016
Fountain Valley surpassed the state's water reduction goal

The city of Fountain Valley, Calif., surpassed the state water reduction goal by using Sensus technology. Fountain Valley made an effort to reduce water use by 20% in a state plagued by drought and proceeded to decrease use by 23%.

Fountain Valley deployed Sensus technology one year ago to help the state save billions of gallons of water. Within a few months of installing the system, the utility stopped three leaks that threatened to waste more water and ruin a home’s foundation. More than a dozen water leak alerts come into Fountain Valley each week through its new Sensus technology.

“Sensus solutions helped us to monitor drought conservation regulations and exceed our goal of a 20% drop in water use,” said Mark Sprague, utilities manager, City of Fountain Valley. “The smart water network alerts us to high volume users and allows us to work closely with those customers to find ways to use water more efficiently.”

Smart water technology regularly monitors water usage and proactively shares that data with residents and businesses, enabling the entire city to work together to conserve water and prevent leaks.

“That collaboration resulted in a 23% decrease in water usage in the second half of 2015,” Sprague said. “And, during a time when every drop of water counts, an additional 3% means a lot.”

The city relies on the Sensus smart water network—including the FlexNet communication system, iPERL residential and OMNI commercial meters—to empower customers to identify areas where they can cut back on water use and help the city to proactively identify leaks.

The FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that provides a scalable communications infrastructure that enables smart water networks and smart cities. Sensus OMNI commercial meters offer sustained precision over time, and Sensus iPERL water meters capture the lowest flows and maintain measurement accuracy for their 20-year lifetime.

Read the case study to learn more about the utility’s smart water network.

Source: LargeMouth Communications

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