Rainwater Collected in United Arab Emirates

Jan. 6, 2016
Recent rains result in the collection of 97 million gal of rainwater across various dams and barriers in the country

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment and Water has revealed that the rain experienced on January 3, 2016, has resulted in the collection of more than 97 million gal of rainwater from various dams and barriers located across the country, especially in the northern region. The downpour, which ranged from low to heavy, was experienced all over the country, particularly in the northern region of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) and the inclined areas of Al Tawyeen, Naheela, Al Beeah, Qada’a, Ghalila and Shaam.

H.E. Engineer Mariam Mohammed Saeed Hareb, assistant undersecretary of water resources and nature conservation affairs for the Ministry of Environment and Water, led a group of dam management consultants and engineers from the ministry to inspect the dams and barriers where the rainwater was collected. The move is part of the ministry’s implementation of an operational plan to administer, monitor and operate dams and barriers based on technical standards and requirements that the ministry has adopted in line with international best practices in the continuous monitoring of dams.

Hareb pointed out that the conserved amount of water across six dams in the northern region of RAK reached around 425,000 cu m, which is equivalent to 94 million gal. Rain also showered heavily in the eastern region in Sakamkam Valley in Fujairah, which harvested a total of 15,000 cu m (3.3 million gal). Collectively, the total amount of water collected in the dams reached around 440,000 cu m (97 million gal).

Source: United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment & Water