Moyno Partners with PumpScout

March 28, 2014
Moyno’s progressive cavity pumps are now featured on

PumpScout announced its recent partnership with pump manufacturer Moyno Inc. The company designs and manufactures progressive cavity pumps.

“Moyno progressive cavity pumps are recognized around the world for their wide range of applications and high-quality construction,” says Justin Johnson, PumpScout CEO and co-founder. “They are an excellent addition to our network of pump manufacturers and we look forward to recommending their pumps to buyers.”

Moyno manufactures several types of progressive cavity pumps, including sludge pumps, metering pumps, sanitary pumps and multiphase fluids transfer systems for water and wastewater, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical, mineral processing, and pulp and paper applications. Their pumps can handle non-pulsating flows up to 2,400 gal per minute and pressures up to 2,100 psi. They are also capable of pumping shear-sensitive products like fruit, salad dressings and salsas where maintaining the integrity of the product is critical.

Progressive cavity pumps operate by a pump rotor turning inside an abrasion-resistant stator. As the rotor turns, the helical shape of the rotor and stator create a cavity that moves along the length of the stator, conveying the process fluid. They are an ideal choice for hard-to-handle fluids containing solids and highly viscous fluids.

Moyno also offers customers its EZstrip transfer pump. This pump features maintenance-in-place technology that allows a single operator to strip and re-assemble the pump for maintenance (parts replacement or de-ragging) in less than 30 minutes, reducing maintenance time by more than 90%.

“This partnership allows us to access new buyers looking for progressive cavity pumps and focus our energy on high-quality leads,” says Andy Kosiak, Moyno municipal market manager. “We look forward to building this relationship with PumpScout to help customers easily find the pumps that match their projects.”

Source: PumpScout


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