Festo Offers 40-Bar Servo-Controlled Solenoid Valve

Feb. 27, 2013
Unit includes piston seal and can be used with water, air and neutral media

Festo has introduced the solenoid valve VZWP, which features a piston seal instead of a diaphragm seal and a maximum operation pressure of 40 bar. It can be used as a process valve for water, air and neutral media.

The use of a sealing piston instead of a diaphragm means that even high pressures can be controlled with a large nominal diameter. The valve closes automatically if power is lost.

The VZWP can be operated wherever there is a pressure difference between the valve input and output; this includes applications in which the medium is expelled into the open air or flows into an unpressurized container downstream of the valves. It is used for gaseous and liquid material flows of viscosities of up to 22 sq mm per second in factory and process automation.

The VZWPs are 2/2-way valves, normally closed, and are piloted piston poppet valves. Units are made of brass valves, and customers have a choice of nitrile rubber or fluoroelastomer seals. The valves come with either NPT or G threads. Units should be mounted with the coil on top. Sizes range from 0.5 to 1 inch. Operating pressure ranges from 0.5 to 40 bar. The process valve’s nominal pressure is PN 40, and differential pressure is 0.5 bar.

Applications for the VZWP include bottling plants (secondary circuit), irrigation plants, well engineering, sanitary engineering, water treatment, mixing plants, pipeline construction and pneumatic automation systems.

“To our process valve offerings—including ball, butterfly and gate valves—Festo has now added gas and liquid valve solutions,” said Craig Correia, Festo process industry segment manager. “These process valves provide OEMs and end users with a new one-stop-shop for both process and discrete automation solutions from Festo, one of the most respected automation suppliers in the world.”

Source: Festo Corporation

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