Festo Introduces Directly Operated Solenoid Valve

Dec. 27, 2012
Unit can be used for water, air and neutral media applications

Festo has introduced the solenoid valve VZWD, which can switch at any pressure from 0 to 90 bar without differential pressure—even in closed media circuits. This new valve is ideal for high-pressure and dosing applications. It can be operated with water, air and neutral media.

VZWD units operate unimpaired by light levels of dirt. A closing spring holds the valve closed with the support of the pressure of the medium. In cases of pressure loss, the valve closes automatically. The maximum pressure range needed to control the medium is governed by the ratio on the valve seat size and the type of solenoid used. The VZWD can be used for gaseous and liquid material flows up to a viscosity of maximum 22 sq mm per second in factory and process automation.

VZWD units are 2/2-way valves, normally closed, and are poppet valves with return springs. The series includes brass and stainless steel valves with a FKM seat-seal material. The valves come with either NPT or G threads. The units should be mounted with the coil on top. Sizes range from 1/8- to 1/4-inch, and nominal diameters from 1 to 6 mm are available. Operating pressure ranges from 0 to 10 bar, depending on coils used and nominal diameter. The process valve’s nominal pressure is PN 40.

Applications for the VZWD include high pressures and low flow rates; vacuum systems down to 100 mbar; venting gas and storage tank installations; safety shutoff functions in burner management systems; low-pressure gas supplies for industry (DIN EN 161); gas dosing systems; high-pressure cleaning; and pneumatic automation systems.

“The new VZ series of valves bring gas and liquid valve solutions to Festo’s process offerings,” said Craig Correia, Festo process industry segment manager. “In all areas of process and discrete automated products and systems, Festo has made exceptional strides in the last few years. The company has taken a look at every aspect of customer need, from design support to full lines of process and discrete offerings, to put together a package of value second to none.”

Source: Festo Corporation

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