PumpScout Launches Web Service to European Pump Market

Feb. 25, 2013
PumpScout extends its lead generation service to European pump manufacturers

European pump manufacturers can now get real-time, qualified sales leads for their products from pump buyers around the globe with PumpScout.com.

PumpScout’s web service provides European suppliers with an immediate, cost efficient presence in the North American pump market and more. PumpScout places its partners and their products in front of more than 50,000 potential buyers every month to sell more pumps.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to partner with European manufacturers,” says Justin J. Johnson, PumpScout CEO. “We’ve received tremendous feedback from our U.S. partners. We know we can bring the same high-quality leads to European manufacturers—and ultimately help them sell more pumps.”

PumpScout’s recently announced partnership with the Netherlands-based pump firm ESE Europe gives European manufacturers access to a local representative. ESE President Tom Clark will introduce the benefits of PumpScout to potential partners in Europe.

Clark, with ESE, says that PumpScout gives companies the chance to promote their products in a global marketplace, regardless of their location. Companies glean immediate value from PumpScout, which introduces their products to new customers—and provides them with sales leads.

The service allows buyers to enter their pump system requirements and then receive quotes from the appropriate pump suppliers for their projects.

PumpScout verifies the buyers’ contact information to ensure that its partners are receiving quality leads, and sends the leads and information about what the buyer needs often within an hour of the buyer using the service.

PumpScout has secured nearly two dozen North American pump manufacturers including Patterson Pump, Vaughan, EBARA, Ruhpumpen, Wilden Pump, Griswold, Blackmer and Iwaki-America. PumpScout recently re-launched its site to include metric units for non-U.S. buyers, and multiple language options are soon to follow.

Source: PumpScout.com