Graphic Products Releases Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Guide

Jan. 3, 2013
Color-coded system helps identify pipe contents

Labels and tags aid in leak detection and wastewater treatment pipe maintenance and are used by cities and counties to identify thousands of miles of pipes, their contents, diameter and their directional flow. With the many substances used for water treatment, a standardized pipe marker color-coding system is important. Using a combination of general base colors and specific color banding, the DuraLabel Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Guide provides a standard color-coding system to effectively identify pipe contents.

According to the company, the release of this free guide is timely, given the following facts:

  •  · Wastewater facilities are at risk from floods—similar to what happened on the East Coast during Superstorm Sandy.
  •  · An estimated 20,000 publicly owned treatment works provide wastewater collection, treatment and disposal to about 200 million people in the U.S., according to a 2008 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) survey.
  • · Wastewater infrastructures including collection systems are subject to deterioration, repair and replacement. Rather than investing in costly new wastewater treatment systems, public works departments are focusing on maintaining facilities.
  • · According to a 2002 EPA study, the amount of deteriorated pipes will increase from 10% to 44% of the total network from 1980 to 2020 due to our nation’s aging infrastructure.

“Our pipe marking supplies can withstand chemical exposure and will perform when temperatures rise to 300°F and plunge to -40°F. Our wide format labeling systems are perfect for the high visibility identification needed on pipes as large as 12 ft in diameter,” said Steve Stephenson, chief marketing officer for Graphic Products.

To order the guide, fill out the form here.

Source: Graphic Products Inc.