SPR Intl. Restructured

April 12, 2012
All products and services now divided into continental companies

The members of the Japanese SEKISUI Group engaged in the pipe rehabilitation sector will be appearing for the first time at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 in a new structure. Under the management of Edmund Luksch the SPR (SEKISUI Pipe Rehabilitation) Group is pursuing a strategy by which all trenchless pipe rehabilitation products and services have been subdivided into continental companies along their value-added chain.

Effective April 1, the multinational company has restructured its subsidiaries in the pipe rehabilitation sector within a new organization. With the exception of Japan, which remains autonomous as the home market, all other SEKISUI pipe rehabilitation companies have been fused into the continental companies SPR Europe, SPR Asia and SPR Americas under the umbrella of the global SPR (SEKISUI Pipe Rehabilitation) Group. In the future, this will enable the company to cater to regionally differing demands in the pipe rehabilitation sector and extend the range of products and services to suit market and customer needs. In addition, this step will result in countless synergies, particularly in administration, technologies and employee know-how.

“We want to structure the companies more clearly and improve networking, to enable us to greatly benefit from one another along the product value chain,” said Edmund Luksch, responsible for SPR Group since March 1.

Source: SPR Group