Virginia Scrap Metal Recycler Uses StormwateRx Treatment System

Sept. 22, 2011

Davis Industries in Lorton, Va., uses the environmentally protective installation for storm water treatment

StormwateRx LLC, a provider of industrial storm water treatment and filtration systems, announced that Davis Industries, a scrap metal recycling facility in Lorton, Va., has installed the environmentally protective StormwateRx treatment system.

The new system removes dirt, sediment, particulates, hydrocarbons and dissolved metals from storm water runoff at a 23-acre scrap metal recycling yard.

The treatment train, which utilizes a Retenu basic storm water filtration system to remove dirt and concentrate solids, an Aquip enhanced storm water filtration system to condition the water and remove hydrocarbons and a Purus advanced storm water polishing system for removal of fine particulates and dissolved metals, has enabled the company to meet stringent environmental permit requirements and protect local waterways from pollution.

The Retenu is a basic industrial storm water filtration system for high sediment loading applications and can be used alone or as a pre-treatment to the Aquip enhanced storm water filtration system and Purus advanced storm water polishing system.

The Aquip, which is installed at the secondary treatment component, is an innovative, enhanced media filtration system for industrial storm water applications. This storm water treatment best management practice is an efficient and easy-to-use system that provides the treatment needed to meet most storm water quality standards.

The Purus storm water polishing system provides an advanced level of storm water treatment and is designed for challenging storm water conditions and targeted pollutant removal.

Source: StormwateRx

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