EPA Announces Grant to Enhance Hood Canal Water Quality

June 29, 2005

Water quality protection efforts in Hood Canal and the Puget Sound found a helping hand in the form of a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The grant, announced by EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson during a visit to Washington and the Northwest, is part of the EPA’s National Estuary Program.

“With National Estuary Program funds, EPA provides horsepower where it does the most good,” Administrator Johnson said. “EPA is committed to bringing resources and expertise to local and state efforts to protect our nation’s estuaries."

The Puget Sound Action Team is the recipient of the EPA grant, and plans to continue working to develop and implement a multi-faceted approach to solve Hood Canal’s water quality challenges. The group works closely with state and local governments, the Skokomish Tribe and individual communities.

The grant funds will help the Action Team work collaboratively with local agencies, organizations and citizens to implement a rapid nutrient reduction strategy for Hood Canal. These federal dollars will be matched by state and local funds with the common goal of increasing oxygen levels in the lower stream reaches and marine waters.

Ron Kreizenbeck, acting regional administrator for EPA Region 10, echoed Johnson’s commitment: “This is a step forward in the important process of restoring Hood Canal, and we’re proud to be part of this partnership. Locally-designed programs routinely net the most benefit when it comes to protecting water quality.”

Source: EPA

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