HMM works with 3RWW, Inc. to assist municipalities with consent order compliance

Nov. 22, 2004

3 Rivers West Weather, Inc. (3RWW) has selected Hatch Mott MacDoanld (HMM) for its Sewer Infrastructure Location/Verification Project. 3RWW is a non-profit organization developed in 198 to help ALCOSAN communities tackle the sewage overflow problem through federally funded project grants, benchmarking sewer technology and encouraging inter-municipal solutions.

HMM recently signed a contract with 3RWW to provide assistance to the 83 Municipalities within the ALCOSAN service area in complying with the administrative consent orders by the department of Environmental Protection and the Allegheny County Health Department with regards to their sewage collection systems. HMM will be collecting information using Global Positioning System (GPS), and other surveying methods, to field inventory, verify and update existing sewage system structure data and, where appropriate, update to two-dimensional pipe network connectivity of approximately 100,000 manholes and sewer structures throughout 4,000 miles of sewers in the County. HMM's deliverable will be a final set of updated, reviewed and approved sewer network maps in ESRI ArcGIS format.

Source: Hatch Mott MacDoanld

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