Degremont Signs the Halifax Bay Wastewater Treatment Contract Valued at EUR 80 Million

June 17, 2004

Degremont has signed a wastewater treatment contract for the Halifax Bay with HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada), valued at EUR 80 million.

The contract calls for the construction of three wastewater treatment plants.

The Halifax plant: a maximum rainy season throughput capacity of 4 cubic meters per second, to be delivered 26 months from contract signing. The Dartmouth plant: a maximum capacity of 2.58 cubic meters per second and scheduled for delivery August 7, 2007. The Herring Cove plant: a maximum capacity of 0.88 cubic meters per second, with delivery scheduled for June 7, 2008.

The three plants together will have a total throughput of 64,000 cubic meters per day and will treat wastewater and sludge using the same processing line: pre-treatment (screen cleaning, degritting) advanced primary treatment by Densadeg and ultra-violet disinfection. Sludge will be dehydrated using a Fournier press.

The construction of the three plants will be performed over a 47-month period by a consortium involving Degrémont and Dexter, a Halifax-based Canadian construction company.

The contract results from a common thought started several months ago with HRM regarding the organizing and role of each partner within the wastewater treatment network of Halifax. HRM will operate these plants, as well as the associated network system.

Source: La Société