House Approves Water Resources Development Act

Oct. 7, 2003

The House of Representatives approved legislation to authorize Army Corps of Engineers projects and studies for river and harbor navigation improvements, flood and storm damage reduction, and environmental restoration.

The bill includes provisions such as: authorization of nine reports for major projects for navigation, environmental restoration, and flood protection and storm damage reduction; authorization, modifications or studies of 88 environmental and aquatic ecosystem restoration projects; authorization of 28 watershed planning studies; authorization of the development of a comprehensive plan for protecting, preserving, and restoring the Coastal Louisiana Ecosystem; and expansion of the opportunities for the Corps to facilitate watershed planning and carry out watershed and river basin assessments.

"In this bill, we have been able to get past the rhetoric, identify real issues, and come up with workable, bipartisan, solutions that will actually help the Corps of Engineers carry out its missions," said Rep. Don Young (R-AK), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

Source: AP