Water/Wastewater Solutions

April 3, 2023

Municipal and industrial wastewater management, storage and treatment presents owners and project designers with many unique challenges. From the laterals connecting residential, commercial and industrial facilities to the collection system, to final treatment and discharge, wastewater’s corrosive properties and the environmental costs of leakage require piping systems that provide long service life and watertight joints. Contech’s family of wastewater products provide industry leading performance and more than 100-year service life at cost points that allow customers to do more with ever-shrinking budgets.

DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe technology combines the strength of steel with the durability of HDB pressure-rated plastic. Reinforced bell and spigot or fully welded joints easily meet water tightness standards for ASTM D3212. With diameters from 30-inch to 120-inch, standards lengths of 14 to 24 feet, a compact wall profile, and project specific custom fittings, DuroMaxx is an optimal solution for sanitary sewer overflow tanks and wastewater pipeline applications. 

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