Hilton Compact Bonneted Knife Gate Valve from DeZURIK Solves Space Constraint Issue for Pump Station

Dec. 6, 2021

A wastewater pumping station required a 42" and a 48" metal-seated knife gate valve. The valves were installed horizontally in a vertical pipe in difficult-to-access locations. A bonneted valve was requested due to the longer life cycle of the packing and a concern for leakage over time.

Due to space constraint issues, the standard yoke and stem of a bonneted knife gate valve could not be used. DeZURIK engineers worked with the utility and the consulting engineers to design a compact-style Hilton brand bonneted knife gate valve with dual non-rising stems to suit the application. In this design, nothing extended beyond the initial valve envelope as the valve opened and closed. An electric motor operated a dual output bevel gear, which in turn operated a second bevel gear to simultaneously operate both non-rising stems to raise and lower the gate. 

Hilton fabricated valves from DeZURIK include custom and large diameter valves to meet specific application requirements. Fabricated construction allows unlimited design flexibility for compliance to industry standards. Valves can be built of any weldable alloy with selection based on specifications, media and operating conditions. The use of certified plate material assures design integrity and final valve quality. Plate material is also well suited to the application of special purpose coatings and hard facings. To learn more about fabricated valve capabilities for specific applications, contact DeZURIK.

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April 7, 2021