XiO Lift Station System LS-200

June 15, 2021

Prevent problems BEFORE they occur. What you can’t see can be costly.

XiO, a recognized leader in the controls industry, brings a fundamentally different approach to control systems architecture with its Lift Station System LS-200. Augmented by cloud computing, XiO provides an intelligent SCADA platform that brings greater control and enhanced security at significantly lower costs – both capital and operating. Powerful analytics make “invisible infrastructure” readily visible and enable predictive maintenance to extend equipment life, saving time and money. Imagine more reliable information and greater control for lower costs than you expect.

Analyze I&I – Get control of inflow and infiltration. Cloud-augmented SCADA means system-wide visibility thanks to API integrations.

Identify Pump Problems – See issues ahead of failures.

Trust Your System Alarms – Easily verify on-site conditions from anywhere.

Reduce Expenses – No more complicated hardware and expensive custom software programing. Imagine spending less, getting more, and making your SCADA costs predictable.

Improve Security – Rely on world-class authentication and authorization.

Learn how you can save time and money while avoiding overflows.

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XiO, Inc.

March 15, 2021