ProSeries-M® M-2, M-3, and M-4 Peristaltic Metering Pumps

Jan. 18, 2021
Blue-White’s® ProSeries-M® M-2, M-3, and M-4 Peristaltic Metering Pumps have smooth quiet pumping action that delivers precise amounts of chemical to your system. The ProSeries-M® provides dependable and cost-effective service and the units are widely chosen by professionals for the treatment of water and wastewater.

The low velocity injection system of peristaltic pumps provides gentle and efficient pumping action, eliminating the destructive forces that solenoid-type diaphragm pumps can have on piping systems.  With peristaltic pumping units there is never a need for pulsation dampeners and expensive piping systems or costly rebuild kits.

Each ProSeries-M® Pump has an exclusive built-in Tube Failure Detection System (TFD).  This technology (U.S. Patent No. 7,0001,153 and 7,284,964) detects a wide range of conductive chemicals with no false triggering.  TFD was designed to ignore pump friendly fluids, such as water and lubricants.  If the TFD detects tube failure, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay switch.  This permits communication with external equipment, such as a back-up pump or alarm. The benefit of the TFD is to resolve the issue of messy chemical spills and costly clean up.

ProSeries-M® offers heavy-duty pump tubing which includes multiple sizes and a variety of material options to meet a wide range of chemical compatibility requirements.  The M-2 and M-3 pumps feature our exclusive patented Multi-Tube Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,828,984)).  These innovative multi-tubes provide optimal performance while operating at much higher pressures than conventional single tube designs.  The Multi-Tube design delivers tube life up to four times longer than average single tubes.  Because of the extended tube life, pump maintenance and related costs associated with labor and parts are greatly reduced.

Blue-White® engineers designed ProSeries-M® pumps to be rugged and efficient while also providing precise chemical dosing. ProSeries-M units have two CNC machined rollers and two alignment rollers for optimum squeeze and tube life.  The single-piece heavy duty rotor means no flexing and increased accuracy, with no metal springs or hinges to corrode. Operators can set the pump to inject at maximum pressure in either direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The sturdy pump head cover is a clear acrylic that has been annealed for added strength and chemical resistance.  There are no tools required for pump head cover removal allowing for quick and easy access during routine maintenance.

The electrical interface of all three ProSeries-M® pumps is an operator friendly touchpad with menu driven software.  The VGA graphic, multi-color backlit LCD displays remote/local control status, motor speed, output rate, input signal values, service and alarm status.  All electronics are SCADA ready and have upgradeable firmware. 

Blue-White’s® M-2, M-3, and M-4 Pumps have been solving problems and providing solutions in many varied Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment applications.

To find out if Blue-White Proseries-M® Pumps can help solve a problem or provide a solution for your company, please contact our Sales and Technical Support Staff. They look forward to helping you chose the best pump for your specific application.

NSF Standard 61, ETL, CE listed. NEMA 4X / lP66 rate.

Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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