Floor Access Doors Provide Reliable Underground Entry

May 31, 2018

Channel frame models prevent water infiltration

The Bilco Co. manufactures floor access doors that provide reliable access to equipment stored underground or below or between building floors. The doors are available in aluminum and steel and can be manufactured with or without a channel frame. The channel frame doors are used in exterior applications where there is a concern of water or other liquids entering the access opening. They are equipped with engineered lift assistance for easy one-hand operation. They are available in single and double leaf, and special sizes can be ordered.

Bilco makes access doors reinforced for AASHTO H-20 wheel loading. These doors also include automatic hold-open arm locks that keep the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress. They also feature corrosion-resistant materials and a positive latching mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. They also can be equipped with a fall protection grating system and LadderUP safety posts, which provide safe ladder access through floor doors.