Leak Detection Solutions Help Utilities Reduce NRW

April 4, 2018

Cellular- & cloud-based technology enables detection & analysis of leaks

Water utilities face increasing pressure to limit non-revenue water (NRW) loss and to reduce costly bursts on aging water mains. Trimble is now offering a wireless leak monitoring and detection solution that allows utilities to proactively monitor their network for leaks, receive notifications when leaks occur, actively assess leak severity and use smart phones to accurately locate the site of the leak.

The solution, powered by Aquarius Spectrum, integrates with Trimble Unity cloud and mobile software so utilities can visualize their leaks on a map; schedule, dispatch and track repair activities; and implement improvements in NRW performance. Empowered with this information, utilities can better determine asset condition and risk, and make informed capital improvement decisions about replacement prioritization.

Trimble offers the Aquarius Spectrum technology through two new solution offerings:

  • Trimble Wireless LeakManager provides continuous pipeline and leak monitoring using cellular-based leak detection sensors and the Trimble Unity LeakManager cloud software. Trimble Wireless LeakManager enables detection and analysis of both small- and large-magnitude leaks. Repairs can be scheduled based on priority and leak intensity to avoid large water-main bursts that may cause additional water loss, infrastructure and property damage, and increased repair costs, and negatively impact customer service and public health and safety.
  • Trimble Mobile LeakLocator provides a complete mobile leak detection kit with equipment and software for identifying and locating leaks in the field that have been identified by the Trimble Wireless LeakManager solution, customer calls or utility field crews. The Trimble Mobile LeakLocator kit includes the Trimble Unity LeakLocator cloud and mobile software for empowering leak repair crews with easy-to-use tools to pinpoint leak locations and efficiently plan repair activities. This solution reduces the complexity of conventional leak-locating equipment that requires a high level of expertise and significant setup time.

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