Defeating Dairyland Clogging

Oct. 22, 2018
Wisconsin utility installs valves to clear up flow issues

A Wisconsin water utility was looking for an alternative to a flapper valve as a part of their lift station renovation. Prior to this project, the public works department used a conventional flapper valve, which was not working out because it had numerous problems with debris accumulation, causing the water utility crew to disrupt operations and clear debris regularly. Also, the flapper valve did not seal properly, so backflow became a huge issue. The water utility serves 918 acres and pumps 31 million gal per year. Since the utility serves many areas within the district, it needed a reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance valve.

The Solution

To solve this issue, planners turned to Red Valve to purchase eight Red Valve Series 75 manual control valves, two Tideflex Series 39 inline check valves and numerous pressure sensors and Redflex expansion joints. The combined products selected would solve their issues for years to come.

The installed Series 75 manual control valves include a full-port design that eliminates dead spots, crevices, seats and bearings, where slurry or debris can hang up and impair operations. The heart of this valve is the durable, elastomer flexible rubber sleeve, which is reinforced with high-strength fabric.

The Series 39 inline check valves were selected because they eliminate levers, springs and flappers that require maintenance and are prone to clogging. The Series 39 valve also includes a fabric-reinforced elastomer check sleeve that provides through-flow at minimum pressure drop across the valve at all times. The main characteristic of the Series 39 is its flow efficiency. These check valves open to the full size of the pipeline while also allowing the bill to close and seal. They are built for long-lasting, maintenance-free durability.

The Results

The first check valve was installed 13 years ago. Because it was so reliable, the public works superintendent decided to purchase a second Series 39 inline check valve, which has been in service for four years. Both valves have performed flawlessly.

Red Valve products successfully solved the utility’s backflow and debris issues with no maintenance required. The water utility was able to work with Red Valve Co. to find suitable products and solutions to fulfill their needs.