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April 12, 2013

About the author: Elizabeth Lisican is managing editor of Water & Wastes Digest. Lisican can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1012.

Since I last wrote to you about pumps, there have been a number of alarming weather events. (And, might I add, many of them had very peculiar names. Winter Storm Q? Come on. But that’s a subject for another editorial …)

The most devastating of them had an admittedly normal name that was only terrifying when combined with the word “superstorm.” I am, of course, talking about Sandy.

The superstorm, which claimed hundreds of lives and left millions without power in 10 states, highlighted the importance of pumps, as pump companies immediately deployed hundreds of dewatering, submersible and trash pumps to communities, municipalities, businesses and infrastructure damaged by the storm surges. Along with underscoring those companies’ selfless efforts, Sandy also reminded us of the important role pumps play as essential tools in removing unwanted water quickly and efficiently. 

Because pumps are so important, it is necessary to choose wisely when selecting or optimizing a pump for any application—emergency or not. Our industry has worked hard to develop a plentiful pump toolbox, with an array of options within each pump family to meet site-specific needs. The aftermath of hurricanes and superstorms is an opportunity to make pumping systems more efficient—if funding is available for upgrades. It just requires a little homework and due diligence. 

Pumps—specifically submersible pumps—also have grabbed market news headlines lately. According to new research from Frost & Sullivan, expected growth in the consumption of and demand for fresh water, as well as the critical need for water system infrastructure improvements, are anticipated drivers toward an upcoming stronger-than-average growth in the submersible pump market. So it follows that the technological options we have at our disposal also will continue to grow. 

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