Pinch Valve with Sealed Body Prevents Debris Buildup

Aug. 1, 2002

A problem existed in Pennsylvania at the Upper Gwynedd Towamencin County Authority wastewater treatment plant, in the secondary treatment phase. The submerged plug valves in the aeration tanks were becoming progressively harder to operate as the years passed.

After months of operating the plug valves with a large pipe wrench to overcome the high torque, the valves became just too hard to operate.

The solution to this problem was a Style 2100BG - Extended Bevel Gear Pinch Valve with a sealed body, from Flexible Valve Corporation. Since the only valve part exposed to the sludge is a smooth and continuous neoprene sleeve, which has the same diameter as the adjoining pipe throughout its length, there is no crevice in the valve where debris can build-up that could eventually prevent the valve from operating. The operational torque of a pinch valve is the same on day one as it is after many years.

The Series 2100 is a completely enclosed, manually operated pinch valve used extensively in controlling of slurries and corrosive flows. Designed to be dependable and cost effective, the Series 2100 has found its niche in tight places within piping systems. Its short face-to-face dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10 lengths ? making it useful as a replacement for gate, plug, and ball valves.

The Flex-Valve rubber sleeve is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process. For flow control or shut-off, the rubber sleeve is pinched by the clamping effect of the mechanism at the center of the sleeve. When the valve is in the open position, the smooth, unbroken contour assures unobstructed flow without dead spots or cavities.

Features of the 2100 Series include the following:

? Conforms to ANSI B16.10;

? Flanges tapped for ANSI 125/150 lb.;

? Standard duty;

? Pinch from top and bottom to center;

? Position indicator;

? Completely enclosed;

? Full round through entire length;

? Full flat faced elastomeric flanges;

? Vertical enclosure split line for complete accessibility

to all internal components;

? Can be installed in any position;

? Non-rising handwheel stem; and

? Positive opening device if needed.

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At the Upper Gwynedd Towamencin County Authority wastewater treatment plant, one 6-in. Style 2100BG valve was submerged in each of four aeration tanks and used to control the flow of seed sludge, with 0.5% solids, from the sedimentation tank and back into each of the aeration tanks themselves. There was also a main 8-in. 2100BG valve that was submerged just after the sedimentation tank, to be used as the main shut-off. This proved to be a good solution to the plant?s problem.

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For additional information, phone Flexible Valve Corp. at 201-641-4700.

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