CMS to Design and Build Florida Water/Wastewater Complex

Facility to produce drinking water, process wastewater for Babcock Ranch community

CDM, Cambridge, Mass., has received a contract from Town and Country Utilities Co. to provide design-build services in connection with the construction of a comprehensive water/wastewater complex for the new Babcock Ranch Community in Charlotte and Lee counties in southwest Florida.

CDM’s work will encompass the design and installation of a supply well field, a low-pressure reverse osmosis (RO) potable treatment system, a water reclamation and biosolids handling facility and an injection well for disposal of RO reject and wastewater.

The facility will produce up to 9 million gal per day (gpd) of drinking water and process up to 7 million gpd of wastewater for Babcock Ranch, which is a planned community designed according to sustainability principles. CDM said that the value of the contract over the first two-year phase would be about $20 million.

Environmental Business Journal

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