Clean Water Systems & Stores Celebrates 25 Years in Ozone Industry

Company celebrates anniversary by introducing an expanded line of custom automated ozone skids & controllers

Since Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc installed its first ozone system in a pilot project for contaminated well water in Northern California in 1988, the company has installed hundreds of ozone systems worldwide for a variety of water conditions and applications.

Ozone (O3) is an unstable tri-atomic form of oxygen. It is a very strong oxidizing gas that is injected into water to oxidize metals, bacteria and organics that may contribute color, odor or taste. Most importantly, ozone sanitizes the water, rapidly destroying any microbiological contamination. Dissolved ozone reverts back to harmless oxygen in a matter of minutes.

Clean Water Systems pioneered the use of ozone in well water by designing custom skid mounted recirculating ozone systems that inject high levels of ozone into well water. After the water is ozonated, special filtration systems built by the company automatically remove oxidized iron, manganese, tannins and sediment, leaving the water crystal clear and free of bacteria and viruses.

The company's systems are now used in all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide. Ozone systems installed by the company purify bottled water in Africa, Asia, Mexico, and in Central and South America. In China, the company's systems are used to kill salmonella in pet food production facilities and to purify bottled water. In Africa, the company’s system is used in the largest water bottler in Kenya.

"Our systems are custom designed to work with the client's unique water application," said Gerry Bulfin, president of Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc. "We use advanced dissolved ozone analyzers and ORP controllers to monitor the quality of the water, and automatically adjust the amount of ozone being produced, saving energy and reducing costs. We have designed special iron filter media and automatic backwashing filters that are particularly well suited for ozone treatment of well water.”

Post Ranch Inn, an upscale popular resort in Big Sur, Calif., has been using the company's custom ozone system, stainless steel contact chamber and industrial iron filters to remove odors, iron and manganese and disinfect the water for the popular resort for more than 15 years. The system is fully automatic and requires little routine maintenance, saving the company time and money. The Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, Calif., has used custom ozone and iron filter systems from Clean Water Systems since 2003 with excellent results.

Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc.

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