Dec 09, 2015

Christiansburg, Ohio, Sewer System

The village of Christiansburg, Ohio, has a population of approximately 500 citizens. Residents were plagued with failing septic systems, which led to odors as well as high bacteria levels in nearby waterways. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) became increasingly concerned about potential health risks. 

The village opted to replace the failed septic tanks with an effective, affordable sewer system. It was important that the system be cost-effective both in terms of capital costs and operation and maintenance expenses. Energy efficiency was a priority, as was main­taining effluent quality within per­mit limits for biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen and ammonia. Additionally, rather than pumping the wastewater to another city for treatment, residents expressed a desire for the village to have its own wastewater treatment plant that would be simple to maintain. 

Because of the village’s small size, funding was a concern, and it was important to keep resident costs at a minimum. The village applied for a number of grants and loans, and funding eventually came from four sources: the Ohio EPA, the Ohio Water Development Authority, the Ohio Public Works Commission, and the Community Development Block Grant program.

To simplify the process and keep costs low, primary wastewater treatment takes place in an interceptor tank at each home or business through a passive, low-rate anaerobic process, reducing the amount of solids in the tank. The water is discharged to a low-pressure force main. This step reduces the flow and loading at the treatment facility, lowering labor, electricity and solids management costs. 

At the treatment facility, a passive, energy-efficient system produces effluent that meets Ohio EPA discharge limits. The system provides an environment for naturally occurring microorganisms to further digest organics and nitrify incoming nitrogen. Effluent is discharged to West Fork Honey Creek.

Construction began in January 2014, and the system went online in November 2014.

“This project has made a huge difference in the quality of life for the residents of Christiansburg, Ohio,” said Wesley Anderson, P.E., community systems engineer for Orenco. “By choosing an Orenco effluent sewer and AdvanTex treatment system, the village has solved its ongoing sewage problems via the lowest lifecycle cost alternative available in the wastewater industry for small, varying flows.” 

Project Year:
Contractor: Shinn Brothers Inc.
Designers: Access Engineering Solutions, Mannik Smith Group
Manufacturers: Orenco Systems Inc., Roth Industries, Eagle Microsystems
Owner: Village of Christiansburg, Ohio
Location: Christiansburg, Ohio
Cost: $5.1 million
Size: 65,000 gpd