Jul 01, 2010

Chlorine Institute Wall Chart Promotes Safe Handling of Sodium Hypochlorite

Chart designed for posting anywhere sodium hypochlorite--bleach--is handled as a supplement to employee training

The Chlorine Institute Inc. has introduced a new wall chart as a general reference to promote safe handling of sodium hypochlorite, which is frequently called “bleach.”

The 24-in.-by-36-in., full-color “Handling Sodium Hypochlorite” chart should be posted anywhere sodium hypochlorite is handled as a supplement to employee training, said Shane Fast, CI vice president of emergency preparedness and product stewardship. Key industrial uses for sodium hypochlorite include disinfection in the food and beverage processing and related industries, and drinking and wastewater treatment. In household form, it is used for laundry stain removal and general disinfection.
&#149 Chemistry and physical properties of sodium hypochlorite, including ways to express sodium hypochlorite solution strengths;
&#149 Emergency procedures, including spill response and containments, recovery, disposal/neutralization and personal protective equipment;
&#149 Safe handling, including precautions, storage containers, valves, pumps, bulk handling and non-bulk containers;
&#149 Avoid incompatible materials, including acids, ammonia compounds, organics, metals, peroxides, reducing agents and oxidizing agents; and
&#149 First aid, including eye contact, skin contact, inhalation and ingestion.