Jan 02, 2007

Chinese Water Technology Firm to Open First US Office

Litree Co., a Chinese company that specializes in water purification technology will open its first U.S. office in Scottsdale, Ariz., next summer.

The offices will open in the city’s new SkySong development that is being built in the south side of the city. China’s Fscreen Sci-tech Co. Ltd. has also signed off on opening an office in the development.

According to The Arizona Republic, these are the second and third companies to open offices in SkySong, which plans to hold a topping-off ceremony for the first office building early in February.

The Chinese companies hope to use SkySong as a platform to enter the US, and will work with researchers at Arizona State University to test and improve products for the US market. Litree Co. plans to work with chemical engineers that specialize in water quality.

The companies will initially settle in the SkySong’s Enterprise Arizona Venture Center, an area for younger companies, and companies that are just beginning operations in Arizona. Once the companies are established, they will move to other offices.