May 29, 2012

Report Predicts Liquid Cartridge Market Will Exceed $1 Billion in Water Industries Next Year

McIlvaine Co. predicts market over all industries to exceed $16 billion

The market for cartridges utilized to purify liquids will grow to over $16 billion next year. This is the new forecast in “Cartridge Filters: World Markets,” an online report by the McIlvaine Co.

This forecast does not include cartridges used in mobile devices such as automobiles. It does not include cartridges used with compressed gas or hydraulic fluids. No air purification applications are included.

According to the report, the cartridge market will grow to $273 million in the wastewater industry and $772 million in the water industry by 2013.

Cartridges come in a variety of sizes, materials and performance parameters. Membrane cartridges can remove sub-micron materials. Carbon black cartridges are efficient in removing contaminants affecting taste. Metal cartridges are capable of operating at high temperatures. 

The largest single user segment is the homeowner. Cartridges may filter out sediment at the point of entry, under the sink, in the ice-making system or at the top of the pitcher. The poor quality of drinking water in many countries of the world has resulted in substantial investment by homeowners to insure water safety. The pool and spa market is substantial.