Apr 06, 2001

Chemical Distributors Form Alliance

An alliance of thirteen leading North American chemical distributors, Omni-Chem 136, LLC, has formed a partnership with the European Chemical Distributor Alliance (ECDA). The ECDA is Europe’s first single sourcing organization of independent distributors.
The new partnership brings together distributors with total annual sales revenues of $3 billion, making it the largest alliance of independent chemical distributors in the world.
As independent chemical distributors, Omni-Chem 136 and ECDA members are able to offer benchmark standards of responsiveness and customer service — which are backed with the competitive presence of a major transatlantic alliance.
The partnership was announced by Ed Pitkin, President of Ulrich Chemical, Indianapolis, on behalf of Omni-Chem 136 and for the ECDA by its Chairman, Edgar E Nordmann, of Nordmann Rassmann, Germany.
"The partnership creates a new dimension to our North American alliance. Our customers will now benefit from the combined commercial leverage and logistics of Omni-Chem 136 and ECDA — but still enjoy the benefits of a fast-response local service," Pitkin said.
Edgar E Nordmann, said, "We are delighted to have joined forces with Omni-Chem 136. It gives ECDA comprehensive coverage of North America and Canada — both key markets for our emerging international network of independent chemical distributors."