Feb 28, 2013

Virginia Town Receives Iron & Manganese Treatment System

Small town successfully reduces iron & manganese levels with oxidation & filtration system

In 2009, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was contacted by engineering firm Hurt & Proffitt to design, manufacture and start up an iron and manganese removal system for the town of Charlotte Court House, Va., located in Charlotte County. The existing water treatment facility was built in the 1800s and required an upgrade with new piping and a new treatment system for Well No. 7.

The town of Charlotte Court House Well No. 7 is rated for 50 gal per minute (gpm) and serves a population of 400 residents. Slightly elevated levels of iron, manganese and suspended solids created some discoloration in the drinking water, and an elevated level of hydrogen sulfides caused an unpleasant odor. The treatment goals for the town of Charlotte Court House were to reduce the iron and manganese levels below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) secondary maximum contaminant levels and to treat the discoloration and odor.

Treatment System

The AdEdge treatment system features a skid-mounted AD26 oxidation and filtration media package unit sized for a maximum design flow of 50 gpm. The model APU26-4260CS2-AVH utilizes AdEdge ADGS+ media in two 42-in. diameter vessels carbon steel configuration. Each vessel contains 19 cu ft of AdEdge ADGS+ media for manganese and iron removal.

AdEdge ADGS+ is a highly catalytic manganese dioxide based media for oxidation and filtration of iron, manganese, arsenic and hydrogen sulfide in drinking water. Backwashing of the treatment vessels occurs once or twice a week depending the amount of iron and manganese entering the treatment system to remove any oxidized iron that precipitated in the bed.

The system uses a central control panel with programmable logic controller and a color user interface screen. The system also features pressure gauges, located on the valve harness for each vessel, flow sensors and totalizers and a hydraulic panel to serve as a common location for the reading of system inlet and outlet pressure and differential pressure across the system.

Prior to the treatment system, the raw water is treated with sodium hypochlorite via an AdEdge ADIN chemical feed system to oxidize the iron and the manganese for optimal removal with the ADGS+ media.


The town of Charlotte Court House’s iron and manganese treatment system began operation in February 2012. Since the treatment system has started up, the iron and manganese levels are at non-detectable levels and the discoloration and odor in the water are eliminated.

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