Jul 02, 2002

Unreliable Pump Control

The superintendent for a midwest quarry had pump control dilemmas. The existing float system was failing the quarry on several accounts. The float system caused the pump to either not operate when supposed to or to function when there was no water at the inlet of the pump. The floats also frequently became tangled in the wind. In the winter, water would freeze and the ice would hold the floats in one position and the water level would drop below them. Given the importance of maintaining a low water level and not running the pump dry, the superintendent turned to Consilium US, Inc. for a stable and reliable water gauging solution.

Consilium US solved the Quarry’s pump control problems with its Aquatape™ Level Gauge coupled with a heat trace. The Aquatape sensor was installed into a vented PVC still pipe and a heat trace cable was wrapped around the pipe. This assembly was placed inside a second steel pipe for physical protection. Consisting of a Metritape resistance-tape sensor, a compact filter assembly, sensor housing and a 4-20mA current transmitter, Aquatape accurately monitors the Quarry’s water levels, even in the freezing cold temperatures of the midwest.

Metritape is essentially an “electric tape measure” that converts distance along its length into resistance, measured in ohms. The filter assembly protects the sensor from moisture and contaminates and provides pressure equalization. Although available in lengths of 3 to 50 feet (1 to 15 meters), Consilium US supplied the Quarry with a 21 foot Aquatape sensor.

Aquatape offers the following features:
- Stable output with no moving parts to break or stick with Consilium US’s Metritape resistance-tape sensor
- Easy installation with tank top mounting
- Low maintenance, with just a five minute filter change every 24 to 48 months
- A completely adjustable field transmitter
- Intrinsically Safe – FM approved
- Combined level and temperature capability

Consilium US’s Aquatape system has proven to be an ideal level gauging solution for the Quarry. Even in the harsh midwestern winter temperatures, Aquatape is rugged, reliable and accurate.

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