May 24, 2016

Sensible Phasing

Developments gradually implement temporary & permanent MBR solutions

Sensible Phasing

Mixed-use developments and small communities are taking advantage of sensible phasing with Ovivo microBLOX for both interim and permanent solutions to keep initial capital costs under control.

Mixed-use developments and small communities often need their own wastewater treatment facilities, which can create its own set of challenges—capital costs, phasing and construction time. Without phasing considerations, solutions can often lead to bids going over budget, high initial capital costs, delays in construction, valuable resources being tied up and plants not seeing intended flows until later phases.

The success of sensible phasing for developments and smaller communities depend on finding a solution that will help solve those issues. While Ovivo microBLOX is a turnkey solution, the flexibility of the system and options for phasing in multiple units as needed makes it a natural fit for both permanent and interim needs.

The Phasing-In of Interim Plants

Tehaleh is a new mixed-use development located in Washington. A 1-mgd Ovivo membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant has been designed and will be built when the development reaches a certain size. In the interim, multiple microBLOX will be phased in to match the early growth of the development. It will start with two microBLOX providing a total treatment of a 200,000-gpd flow, and up to ten units may be provided prior to the commissioning of the permanent 1-mgd Ovivo MBR plant. Ovivo will also be providing operations of the interim facility.

Growing With the Community

A wastewater feasibility study of the Tule River Reservation in California by the Indian Health Service concluded that 30% of all septic tank/drain-field systems had failed and an additional 30% would fail in the near future. The Ovivo microBLOX MBR solved a real problem when the project was bid out as a 275,000-gpd conventional MBR plant and all bids went over budget. The tribe, along with a consultant, revaluated technology selections to include a package plant offering. microBLOX was evaluated as the best alternate solution, with its economic price and ease of phasing. Ultimately, four units will be delivered; two are currently in operation.

Large-Scale Permanent Phasing

Riverstone is a new mixed-use development in California’s central valley. It was originally bid out as a 1-mgd conventional treatment plant with an initial capacity of 400,000 gpd. Once again, all the bids went over budget. The owner/developer evaluated phasing microBLOX as an alternative and determined that it was the best fit for the development’s needs and budget. The first system has been delivered and will provide slightly less than 100,000 gpd of treatment. As the development increases in size, up to six microBLOX could be delivered to meet the ultimate build-out goals.



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