Dec 16, 2021

Primary Circular Clarifier Receives Upgrade with Echo Processing

This case study appeared in WWD December 2021

pulsar measurement

Pulsar Measurement


Florence, New Jersey, needed a more reliable level measurement system for its primary circular clarifier, as it was frequently out of commission and required unsafe and unsanitary methods to get the system up and running again.

Clarifiers are a key component of the wastewater process as they are used to separate clarified fluid from various floatable and settling debris. The debris will then settle on the bottom of the clarifier and form a sludge that should be removed regularly for consistent performance.

As a solution, Pulsar Measurement and Applied Analytics demonstrated the workings of the Sludge Finder 2 controller and corresponding Viper Transducer. The Sludge Finder 2 uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology in combination with echo processing algorithms to reliably identify the sludge interface level.

The echo graphs display on screen so anyone inspecting the system can view sludge levels changing in real-time. The Viper Transducer’s design makes it self-cleaning, which reduces the need for regular inspection and maintenance, meaning staff does not have to come in contact with the medium.

The trial results of the Sludge Finder 2 and Viper Transducer demonstrated that Pulsar Measurement can provide the type of sludge level readings in the clarifier that the city was expecting to see. Pulsar Measurement was able to offer a safe, reliable, cost-effective solution that reduced the amount of time spent maintaining a wastewater treatment plant.