Oct 10, 2002

Methane Monitoring in Storm Water Pump Stations

Problem Description:
The customer operates a large network of storm water pump stations that are used to handle the runoff of heavy rain. These enclosed pump stations are driven by methane-powered engines that require methane monitoring to ensure worker and facility safety.

Solution: Multiple 8-point MSA Chemgard Infrared Gas Monitors, designed as sample draw systems with advanced photoacoustic infrared (PIR) sensing technology, were installed to detect up to 100% of the lower explosive limit (LEL) of combustible gases, including methane, in these pump stations. The Chemgard Gas Monitor is extremely stable and highly selective to methane and can operate for months with virtually no zero drift. The Chemgard Monitor provided the customer with a lower initial hardware cost, lower installation cost, and lower routine maintenance cost (with periodic calibration of a single sensor versus eight sensors).