Mar 09, 2004

Lift Station Upgrade - Maryland Environmental Services

Maryland Environmental Services (MES) operates lift stations for a correctional facility in Jessup, Maryland. As part of a planned lift station upgrade, MES’s consulting engineer contacted Godwin Pumps to provide the backup system design required on the project.

Godwin designed backup pumping systems at two lift stations. Each pumping system consisted of a Godwin 8-inch CD225M Critically Silenced Dri-Prime pumpset that was skid mounted and permanently installed with the capability of pumping up to 3 MGD.

Correctional facilities operate on an increased maintenance schedule that requires more pump servicing, generator exercising and line clearing than at a typical municipal lift station. Therefore, MES required double backup systems for the permanently installed electric submersible pumps at the station. The Godwin Dri-Prime pumpsets provide the secondary backup in the event of a primary backup system failure. The additional reliability provided by Godwin’s self-priming diesel pumps meets MES’s standard for a 100% operational guarantee.

“Those Godwin pumps start every time and do the job,” states Harry McNally, Maintenance Supervisor for MES. “They give me peace of mind knowing those diesels are there to back us up.”

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