Jan 22, 2015

Here Comes the Flood

Contractor overcomes design difficulties to construct pump station

Here Comes the Flood
Here Comes the Flood

The City of Fairborn, Ohio, needed a watertight dry flood-proofed building to house special pump station equipment and a generator in a flood zone. This building also needed to support a roof-mounted 4,100-lb generator.

The building scope changed several times throughout the project. Late in the design stage, the engineer revised the criteria—according to the new specifications, the building had to be dry flood-proofed, but the engireer offered no method for doing so. The specifications also suggested a standard Easi-Set building was to be used. Prior to this, the only requirement regarding the flooding issue was that the building had to be able to withstand the pressures and stay in place.  NCI bid the job based on such criteria. It was discussed with the engineer who made the requirements of dry flood-proofing that this was not achievable using standard Easi-Set designs.  The engineer would not budge on the requirement or allow a redesign. The building had to be designed to allow only 2 in. of water in any 24-hour period, and it must have a five-year warranty.

NCI set out to work to find a good solution within budget and time constraints. It worked with Dan McGinnis, Concrete Sealants and PS Doors to come up with a solution that was both within budget and met all specification and building code requirements for anchoring the building and for dry flood-proof design. Once again, the team at NCI achieved the sale, put a plan into action and got the job done. 

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