Jun 29, 2012

Conserving With a Flush

A .8-gal-per-flush toilet reduces costs and satisfies customers

Conserving With a Flush

California’s Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (MWD), Western MWD and Eastern MWD conducted a pilot program to determine the effectiveness of Niagara Conservation’s Stealth 0.8 gal per flush (gpf) toilet, while measuring the savings as well as the satisfaction levels of their customers.

The program, which began on January 27, 2011, was sold out the morning of February 1, with more than 2,500 toilets processed within 24 hours.

Eastern MWD installed 40 toilets in residences and EVMWD installed 42 units in 21 homes, an HOA clubhouse and a hotel. The Direct Install program included 3,000 available toilets and up to 2 free toilets and installations per customer. Niagara also supplied free showerheads and aerators and provided recycling for the old units. All customers qualified, including the 1.6 gpf. Of the 1,650 individual customers, 1,338 replaced two toilets and 312 replaced one toilet.

A survey conducted in mid-August of 2011 measured the Stealth’s satisfaction levels of randomly selected customers in the program.

When asked how satisfied are you with the:

-“Flush Performance,” 92% were satisfied or very satisfied.

-“Performance of cleaning the bowl,” 85% were satisfied or very satisfied.

-“Water surface area in the bowl,” 89% were satisfied or very satisfied.

-“Noise of the flush,” 97% were satisfied or very satisfied.

When asked if they would recommend the Stealth toilet to others, more than 92% responded "Yes.".

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