Apr 07, 2022

CheckMate® In-Line Check Valves Solve Flooding in Long Island, NY

By installing CheckMate® UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valves, the Village of Lindenhurst, NY, and other nearby communities were finally able to find a cost effective, low maintenance and permanent solution to a large and difficult flooding problem, creating peace of mind for residents and local municipalities.

Lindenhurst is flooded following a rainstorm.
Lindenhurst is flooded following a rainstorm.

An Ongoing and Costly Flooding Problem

For years, residents of the Village of Lindenhurst in Long Island, NY, have suffered with serious recurring flooding issues. During a storm, flooding reached several feet in such a short amount of time that residents found themselves suddenly trapped, unable to drive safely, with school buses unable to pick up children. Even more concerning, emergency vehicles were unable to reach people in need of help.

A group of residents explored legal action as flooding had become so disruptive and dangerous over the past few years. The Village of Lindenhurst needed a cost-effective solution before the multitude of problems caused by recurring storm flooding became worse.  

The Waterways Management Supervisor in the nearby town of Babylon, NY, reviewed a variety of options to permanently resolve the flooding situation. “Whoever invents the most successful solution to these problems will be the next Bill Gates,” commented the frustrated supervisor. 

A Simple Cost-Effective Solution

After a thorough review of options with engineering consultants, local officials selected CheckMate® UltraFlex® In-Line Check Valves, manufactured by Red Valve Company, to help prevent the backflow problems causing the flooding. 

The patented CheckMate® UltraFlex® Valves restrict water from flowing back into the streets, effectively eliminating backflow while also helping to protect area wetlands and beaches. 

 A Lindenhurst Department of Public Works employee explains how a CheckMate® Check Valve works to prevent flooding.
 A Lindenhurst Department of Public Works employee explains how a CheckMate® Check Valve works to prevent flooding.

Fast, Easy Installation

Installation of the CheckMate® Valves was easy, because no adjustments to the structure or pipe were necessary. The valves run on differential pressure, so no outside energy source is needed.  

Long Term Performance

The CheckMate® UltraFlex® Valve’s exceptional durability and performance were other factors in the selection for this installation. Each valve is made with multiple layers of natural and synthetic elastomers, with no molded parts, rivets or fasteners that can come loose or break. This makes the CheckMate® Valve essentially a lifelong product that is maintenance free and user friendly.


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