Jan 03, 2013

Alabama Waste Treatment Plant Quietly Quells Sludge

Huntsville facility uses aeration to conform to local ordinance

A contractor needed a quiet, efficient aeration system for a 250,000 gallon per day field-erected wastewater treatment facility. This plant was to be located adjacent to a school, and a restriction on ambient noise at the location meant that the facility had to use a quiet aeration process.

The project engineer selected a Mazzei AirJection aeration system for the project, primarily due to the success he had with the design on previous projects. The system consisted of dual AirJection aeration modules—one for each of the two aeration tanks. Each module contained a dry-sump recirculating pump, five Model 4091 injectors and a high-velocity gas-mixing and distribution nozzle manifold.

The aeration system was activated in September 2001 and is still in operation today, providing quiet and cost-effective wastewater aeration with minimal maintenance costs.

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