Dec 06, 2007

CDT Systems, Inc. Completes Addison Water Treatment Cell

CDT Systems, Inc. installs operating prototype of Addison, Texas water treatment cell

CDT Systems, Inc. has completed the first operating prototype of its new Addison, Texas water treatment cell.

The company has reported that there are two key new features of the Addison cell.

The first feature is that the unit construction cost of the Addison is at least $230 less than its predecessor cell, the Gen2.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Davies, said that the unit construction economy demonstrated in the Addison can be expected to significantly enhance the competitiveness of CDT cells in the future.

The second new feature is that relative to the Gen2, the first Addison cell has exhibited reduced regeneration time. This feature allows the cell to spend more time in the production of clean water versus concentrated byproduct.

The better utilization of the cell with its improved duty cycle offers potential operating benefits that the company will explore.

Mr. Davies said that the Addison cell performs comparably to the Gen2 cell, with significant capital cost savings. Over the next two months, the company will test and modify operating parameters to improve performance further.

CDT Systems, Inc. is a licensee of the U.S. Department of Energy‘s Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLNL) for carbon aerogel material and for capacitive deionization technology.