Containerized Water Treatment System Removes Arsenic at Nevada Corrections Site

Dec. 15, 2010

Planning and Installation

In June 2008, AdEdge was contacted by Brown & Caldwell (B&C) of the Carson City, Nev., office to assist with selection and design of an arsenic treatment system for the Humbolt Conservation Camp, a State Department of Corrections site near Winnemucca, Nev., to reduce arsenic in the well water to achieve the new arsenic drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion (ppb). The wells contained arsenic ranging from 17 to 22 ppb.

A number of treatment options were considered, and alternatives and costs were presented by AdEdge for the design flow of 250 gal per minute (gpm). Based on the water quality, desire to provide a simple and cost-effective system to maintain and operate, and cost factors, adsorption technology utilizing an AdEdge APU33 packaged system with granular ferric oxide (GFO) media was favored.

AdEdge assisted B&C in the subsequent months by providing drawings and system-specific information in preparation for a public bid by the state of Nevada, which occurred in April 2010. Two packaged adsorption alternatives were considered in the public tender: (1) a standalone skid-mounted system that would be placed inside a constructed metal building; and (2) an integrated and installed skid-mounted APU system in a fully containerized pre-fabricated modular building. AdEdge was awarded the project to supply the system in the containerized system referred to as a WaterPOD.

A triplex, 48-in.-diameter vessel manual integrated system was designed, fabricated by AdEdge and delivered to the site in the WaterPOD modular system in October 2010. The system was subsequently installed by the general contractor, Bison Construction, and was formally commissioned in October, with training provided to local personnel. The system is successfully processing water at the design flow of 250 gpm and reducing arsenic to less than 1 ppb in the treated water. Site-certified and trained operations personnel will be operating and maintaining the system, with results reported to the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection per the requirements of the permit.

System Benefits

WaterPODs are pre-designed, pre-piped and integrated treatment systems ready for "plug and play," resulting in a 25% to 50% reduction in installation costs compared to conventional building construction. They reduce engineering time and expense, and require minimal onsite work, including mechanical and electrical. System inlet/outlets are flanged connections that penetrate the enclosure for simple hookup to a well or water source. Power connections are available in 110V or 220V per site requirements, and systems can be placed on a simple foundation or concrete slab base. The modular concept can save from 15% to 50% on comparable building costs, since they can be deployed rapidly to meet aggressive project timelines. WaterPODs are suited for remote sites where construction labor or qualified companies may be less available, and require reduced time for obtaining applicable regulatory or other local building permits.

WaterPOD modular enclosures can feature one of AdEdge's many types of packaged units or APUs to treat a wide variety of contaminants for drinking water, remediation or industrial/commercial applications. A single WaterPOD can accommodate design flows up to 400 gpm (85 cu meters per hour) inside the unit. The treatment systems are designed, custom-built and delivered inside the pre-manufactured and customized watertight enclosure. Each unit is constructed of painted carbon steel with a steel floor, and multiple other customizable options available to meet site-specific requirements, such as insulation, lighting and ventilation. WaterPOD systems can be shipped in the U.S. or internationally, similarly to a standard shipping container. Upon arrival at the site, installation and infrastructure is minimal.