Ultrameter II

Aug. 8, 2018
undefined Myron L Co.'s Ultrameter II water quality instruments deliver the most accurate readings of conductivity, resistivity and TDS of any digital handheld meter and are as accurate as other electrometric handhelds in measuring pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and temperature. In addition, Ultrameter IIs have been redesigned to include even more of the features and functions needed to easily manage water quality in diverse demanding applications.

Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)/Hardness Calculator
Ultrameter II model 6Psi now features an LSI calculator that makes it easy to analyze the scaling nature of water in the lab or in the field. Using a calcium carbonate saturation index algorithm developed by Dr. Wilfred Langelier in 1936, the calculator computes the saturation index of a sample based on measured and inferred values for pH, temperature, hardness and alkalinity. Any of these values can be adjusted in user mode for a more precise saturation index or to analyze the effect of the adjustment on water balance.

Free Chlorine Measurements
Ultrameter II and PoolPro instruments now feature the ability to convert ORP measurements from mV to parts per million (ppm) free chlorine. The mV to ppm free chlorine conversion algorithm is based on a published conversion curve and bench testing performed at the Myron L Co. The accuracy of low-range ppm free chlorine readings has been increased by extrapolating from the published data. With this new feature, Myron L instruments can measure a dynamic range of sanitizer concentrations wider than that of a colorimetric test kit.

Wireless Data Transfer
Ultrameter II and PoolPro instruments now feature the ability to transfer data wirelessly with the bluDock accessory package. The bluDock works with any personal computer configured to recognize Bluetooth* devices.

*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. The bluDock is not a registered Bluetooth device.
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