A Big Choice for a Small Town

July 7, 2009
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Alpine, Wyo., at an elevation of 5,640 ft, is nestled against surrounding mountains at the convergence of three pristine rivers. Located just 36 miles southwest of Jackson Hole, Alpine features affordable accommodations, recreation and restaurants. Alpine provides visitors with a small town atmosphere and an abundance of natural resources for every season.

When faced with making a decision for a wastewater treatment plant, the engineers compared the MBR technology to other activated sludge processes with tertiary filters. After much investigation, Enviroquip was the natural choice. The Enviroquip MBR system could offer a small footprint, simplified cleaning and operating requirements all while producing superior-quality effluent.

Enviroquip has provided a complete scope of supply for the Alpine WWTP. Aerobic and anoxic process tanks provide optimal conditions for microscopic bacteria to break down the waste, including the reduction of total nitrogen to <10 mg/L for removal before discharge. The system includes an Anoxic Zone, Pre-Aeration Zone and MBR Zone for further oxidation and liquid/solid separation. Enviroquip provided submerged membranes, an in-place cleaning system, process blowers and air diffusers, pumping systems (permeate and recycle), mixers, instrumentation, controls, a SCADA package and motor control center as well as onsite start-up and training services.

Enviroquip also installed a solids handling system using a membrane-based PAD-K system. This allows the city to produce Class B biosolids while reducing digested sludge volumes by up to 300%.

Utilizing Enviroquip's membrane technology to meet their wastewater needs has proven to be a great decision for the city of Alpine.

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