Dissolved Oxygen Generator

Nov. 5, 2008

The Iron Hunter HD from Water DOG Works is the first home water treatment system that completely oxidizes iron in water for total iron removal. The system handles problem water issues caused by iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. No more rusty, smelly water that soils sinks, toilets and wash, and no more bulky equipment—the Iron Hunter helps solve these problems for good.

The patented dissolved oxygen generator (DOG) technology uses electrolytic hydrolysis in a unique and innovative way. It oxygenates water at various flow rates and at controlled oxygen levels. The extremely high levels of oxygen produced by the Iron Hunter HD oxidize 100% of iron and manganese minerals in water for easy removal by filtration while eliminating iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide odors.

The Iron Hunter HD meets most residential applications with high iron content and high flow rates. It functions for both indoor and outdoor water needs, and the product has successfully gone through extensive field testing in extreme conditions. The system has completed safety testing at an independent testing laboratory and is UL-approved. The system is self-cleaning and easy to maintain.

The Iron Hunter HD is also a green product. It performs without the use of chemicals on a real-time (no delay) basis, achieving a higher flow rate and a reduced maintenance schedule with a smaller platform or footprint than any conventional system on the market.