Increasing Capacity at a High-Profile Resort

Feb. 3, 2009
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In this age of growing concern for the environment and “green” initiatives, a Utah community is making a difference. The North Fork Special Services District (NFSSD) is situated in Sundance, Utah, just outside of Provo. Sundance is home to the famed Sundance Resort and Film Institute. The district serves private residences and public facilities, including the resort. The environmental awareness of its citizens and visitors to the area required an advanced wastewater treatment facility to preserve the pristine surroundings.

Plant operations began in September 2008. It is designed for an average daily flow of 120,000 gal per day (gpd) and a peak day flow of 240,000 gpd. This design assures plenty of treatment capacity, even during special events like festivals at the resort or long holiday weekends.

Aerobic and anoxic process tanks provide optimal conditions for microscopic bacteria to break down the waste for removal before discharge. Enviroquip provided a complete scope of supply, including submerged membranes and in-place cleaning system; process blowers and air diffusers; pumping systems (permeate and recycle); mixers; instrumentation; controls and SCADA package; and onsite start-up and training services.

An Enviroquip membrane bioreactor (MBR) system was selected for the North Fork facility for many reasons. First, the system is designed to provide consistent, high-quality effluent. The system removes BOD and suspended solids and nutrients, such as nitrogen, to extremely low levels for discharge. The plant currently discharges to a subsurface leach field. However, in the near future, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection will be added to the plant in order to produce Utah Class 1 effluent. Reclaimed water will be used for irrigation, fire protection and grey water applications.

The Enviroquip MBR also required a very small plant footprint. This “hidden in plain sight” concept allows the plant to blend into the surroundings without having the obvious appearance of a wastewater treatment plant. This is a key benefit for the Sundance Resort.

Finally, the MBR’s submerged membranes are simple to maintain through the use of the clean-in-place (CIP) system. The CIP system is an effective means of maintaining the membranes in like-new condition without the need to remove the membranes from the basin or to dispose of harsh cleaning chemicals. The whole cleaning process only takes two to four hours to complete, with very limited operator assistance required.

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